A new addition to the family: Hailer

Nov 3, 2012

We’re really proud and happy to announce that Alien Lane now manage Sydney rock band Hailer. We have known the band for a while now, and when we heard their new album Another Way we were astounded at what they’ve produced and we just had to work with them.

Hailer is one of those bands that don’t fit easily into a neat category, and that’s fine with us. Another Way flirts with all sorts of sounds and structures – songs contain elements of post-punk, alt-country, pop, psychedelia and something uniquely Hailer – and songs start, mutate and explode into fragments without warning. These songs are literate and thoughtful, with an underlying sense of yearning and unresolved questions. It’s absolutely fascinating and we think this band has a very bright future. Live, they’re entirely convincing – brutal then fragile, melodic yet surprising.

The album should be out in early March. Right now you can hear the first single and see the video for Spooky Clams here . No, we have no idea what the song is about either. But it’s great…go say hello to them on Facebook or hit their website. You’ll like it. Promise.