Welcome to the Alien Lane website. We represent a few of Australia’s best independent bands and work with them to help get them heard around the world.

What you’ll hear is (mostly) rock music that moves us – whether it’s by passion, intelligence or sheer ferocity. We look for bands that have something intriguing to say and the capability to put that to music in a way that’s unique, inspiring and exciting for you to hear.

We have slightly different roles with each band, so if you’re interested in booking them for a show or releasing their records or licensing their music for a big-budget movie (!), please feel free to email us and if it’s not our area we’ll pass it on to the right person.

We also book some shows for touring artists that we like, and we ran some events like the Eight Miles High festivals back in the day. So keep an eye on the website, or our facebook page, for details of what we’re up to.

We accept unsolicited demos but can only reply if we’re interested. Thanks for your understanding. Please don’t send us giant MP3 files, if you want to, just send a link.

Keep supporting indie labels and your local indie record stores. And thanks for checking us out.

Joe Woolley, August 2018.