All the news from, well, the last year.

Sep 18, 2016

Yes, I know we’ve been slack but we have actually been working, Or rather, the bands have. Or rather, some of them – forget it. Here’s some news…

The Valery Trails have released their third album, the rather wonderful Chameleon Bones. It’s been really well-received the US (where singer/guitarist Andrew lives), with extensive radio airplay across the country. It even cracked the CMJ charts, hitting a dizzying #186 on the CMJ Top 200. The reviews have been really impressive too. Best of all, you can head over to the band’s website and download the album for FREE! Don’t say we never give you anything…

Screamfeeder have been busy and have a new single out on September 23rd, entitled Karen Trust Me. It’s a glorious slice of pop, it reminds me of their Kitten Licks period. And to go with that there are tour dates to be announced as well – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide – over the month of November. They’re also finishing work on a new album-  the first in 11 years – which we hope to have out in March. And we’re trying to put some overseas dates together for May & June. See, I told you we’ve been working.

WE ALL WANT TO are pretty quiet at present, as Tim has been in the UK for a couple of months writing songs and Dan is about to head off the US for a month. But don’t panic – Skye has been writing some incredible new songs for the band and they’ll resume playing live at the end of the year.

Hailer – well, they’re on some sort of indefinite hiatus. But singer and guitarist PJ Orr has released a superb solo record and is playing shows in Sydney quite regularly. Have a listen to it at his website, it’s really quite unique.

OK, so if you’re expecting us to be more regular here, sorry about that… but keep up with the bands on their Facebook pages for current info, shows and tickets.