An update. It’s due…

Mar 12, 2013

Hi folks. Sorry for the long silence, we’ve been busy getting stuff organised for you. In no particular order, here’s what’s going on with the bands:

* WE ALL WANT TO are hitting the road in May for their new EP, but they’re kicking off the tour with a once-off special performance at the Judith Wright Centre on Friday 19th April. It’ll be a unique show – guest singers for each song – and tickets are limited. Check their website and Facebook for details. They’re also releasing a US-only EP in May.

* Grand Atlantic are demoing new songs, with a single planned for mid-year. The new songs are sounding different from ‘Constellations’, and there’s some interest from producers overseas. Keep an ear out for their song ‘Tripwires’ on the next season of the TV show ‘Winners And Losers’.

* Soviet X-Ray Record Club are also demoing new songs, and will be recording in the next couple of months. We think there will be single out this year as well. These guys are really good live – check out their Facebook page for upcoming dates.

* Hailer’s excellent new album is available in pre-sale now from their website; the new single will be ‘Postcard’, there is a tour planned for June and then they’re going to the US for a few months of touring. Catch them before it’s too late!

* Drawn From Bees are hatching an ambitious schedule of recording for the next two years, with a release every six months. And they have committed to playing more shows in their expanded lineup, which was so successful at the Powerhouse concert. We’re excited to see and hear what they produce.

* The Valery Trails will be reuniting in June for another recording, probably an EP of new material, under the watchful eye of Darek Mudge. The Valery Trails have been enjoying some great reviews in the US and have been gathering radio play far and wide.