And the crowd goes mad…

Jun 30, 2015

The new album from WE ALL WANT TO was officially released on May 8, and the response has been incredible. Reviews have been, well, gushing – including 4.5 stars from both Rolling Stone and The Australian. Here are some of our favourite quotes:

“…Musically, the quintet is firing throughout, offering interesting melodies and rhythms aplenty. The Haze builds on the twin canons of pop and indie rock while sounding fresh and inspired…We All Want To deserves acclaim.” (The Australian)

“…We All Want To set out to create a sort of soundtrack to the memory of teenaged summers, something they’ve succeeded at perfectly on their third outing…We All Want To have nailed it.” (Rolling Stone)

“…Making authentic, reflective records isn’t meant to be easy business, but The Haze is worth any anguish that may have met it along the way.” (Beat)

“…On The Haze, they crank things up to new levels of intensity, as heard in the opening notes of Eileen Afternoon. Steward’s guitar snarls and bites, a statement of intent if ever you heard one. The pop melodies are still front and centre — song after song of them…” (Courier Mail)

“… the band’s strongest offering to date… another strong batch of indie-rock gems that, as an added bonus, also possess a newfound maturity and depth.” (Aphra Magazine)

“…The Haze continues the story in fine fashion. Perhaps it’s a long bow, but one could compare the sound to Canadian supergroup The New Pornographers. There’s the unabashed pop songs, the sweet rock-out moments, the lush textures, the feeling that it’s not quite an American sound.” (4ZZZ)

“…Too often there are songs released that promise to evoke memories of those summers of youthful innocence or the dawns you’d witness as a teen on the beach after a night out (beach kids, you’re with me), but they don’t deliver the whole way. We All Want To do. (They) have delivered an album of compelling and vibrant music…” (The AU Review)

OK, enough of the adulation. It’s a truly great album, and one that you should have in your collection. Available on CD, LP and digital from the band’s website.

The album tour is complete, at least for now – look out for live dates in September and October and some special events toward the end of the year.