End Of Year Wrap Up

Dec 28, 2012

DFB Best of 2012So, we’re at the end of what’s been a big year for Alien Lane and our bands. Some of the highlights include the release of two excellent albums from WE ALL WANT TO and Drawn From Bees (both making some of the media’s best-of lists for 2012), the success of the Eight Miles High mini-festival in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, having new songs under way from Grand Atlantic and Soviet X-Ray Record Club, signing the brilliant Hailer to our roster, and going to too many amazing shows to mention. Actually, maybe a couple we should mention. #1 – DFB at the Brisbane Powerhouse – an astonishing performance with a 14-piece orchestra to a capacity crowd. Not something you see every day. #2, the sold-out WAWT show at Black Bear Lodge – truly an epic performance from a band that just keeps getting better. #3 – Grand Atlantic at Ric’s – a venue too small to contain the sheer power that GA can bring to bear, and a reminder of how good they can be. #4 – SXRC at the HiFi – a big stage and a big sound, and the band living up to it. Awesome.

In 2013, we can look forward to the release of Hailer’s incredible new album ‘Another Way’, probably in March or April, plus hopefully the debut SXRC recordings and possibly a new Grand Atlantic album – you never know. WE ALL WANT TO are finishing recording B-sides for their new single, which has become a 7-track EP. That’s out in February. There’s discussion of a new Valery Trails recording session in June. And that’s just what we know of, not including side projects and solo recordings which we expect will happen as well.

We’d also like to thank all the bands, crew, bookers and venues, writers, radio presenters, bloggers, websites, video makers, publishers, licensing representatives and labels that we’ve had the pleasure of working with in 2012. And finally – thanks to the fans that bought the music and came to the show – we appreciate it. See you in 2013…