February 07, 2007

Feb 7, 2007

Sorry for the long delay – it’s been a busy time here. First off, Grand Atlantic continue to win fans all over the world with their ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ EP and the accompanying video. The video’s getting played in 1600 venues around Australia, NZ and the USA via the NightLife programming, as well as on US and Canadian internet TV channels. There is interest in releasing the band’s forthcming album from labels in the US, Japan, Spain, Canada and Scotland (really!) and we will let you know as and when the arrangements are made. You can also download the band’s EP tracks via eMusic and iTunes. Australian AFL fans may notice that ‘Friendly Fire’ from the EP has been used as the backing music for a new Lions TV advertisement. And two of the band’s songs (‘Coolite’ and ‘Wonderful Tragedy’) have been selected as finalists in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition – out of around 15,000 entries! Fingers crossed for a win for the lads.

Back in Brisbane, Andrew Petersen has been bunkered down in a beach house recording demo tracks for a new album which we expect to be recorded some time this year – it’s very early days but the initial tracks are great. No idea of how the record will sound, but we know he’s putting a band together to record. We will try to get our hands on some of the songs and put them up for you to listen which to. Keep an eye on the local gig guides as he is doing the odd solo show, and they have been inspiring.

We are also looking at some new projects for 2007 and will have details up as soon as they are confirmed…