June 26, 2007

Jun 26, 2007

Grand Atlantic’s debut album has been released in Australia to very favourable reviews, and the band and currently on tour after a sold-out album launch in Brisbane. Radio airplay is very strong, with widespread community radio support around the country and a number of regional commercial stations all playing the songs. In Melbourne this week it is PBS-FM’s Album Of The Week, ahead of the band’s shows there, and RRR are also giving it plenty of airplay. Here are some quotes for you…

“This Is Grand Atlantic (Popboomerang/MGM), delivers on all that promise with 13 tracks that range from the pulsing pop-rock of tracks such as ‘Coolite’ and ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ to swooning pop delights such as the Bacharach-esque splendour of ‘Wonderful Tragedy’. It’s a delicate balance. Bands can sometimes do the big guitar pop-rock thing and sometimes do the orchestral pop thing, but somehow Grand Atlantic can do them both equally well and resolve them into an enthralling package.” (Courier Mail)

“On their debut record, local outfit Grand Atlantic aim to tackle the big guns, ambitiously making a record the way The Beatles or Brian Wilson may have done in the 60s.Self-produced and featuring tracks like ‘Coolite’ and ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ which offer a fresh take on the radio-rock/pop tune of the 90s, the album occasionally nods at a greater ambition: single ‘Wonderful Tragedy’ features a timpani/string/brass intro that might sound like a recent Silverchair ballad, while the likes of ‘Burning Brighter’ features a timing shift and a ‘Getting Better’-like feel that also shows off brass.The band’s execution is flawless and their ambition and passion is incredibly evident, however it’s the songwriting and neat construction of each and every song that burns brightest. This Is Grand Atlantic is an incredibly satisfying listen from a band who – judging from this debut – can only go one way: UP!”(Time Off)