Farewell Rocketsmiths

Mar 2, 2011

After 4 years, countless flights and van trips, 3 EPs and one full length album, Rocketsmiths are playing one final show before calling it quits and moving onto new artistic challenges.

Rocketsmiths were always the kind of band that just wanted to play, as loud as they could , and they loved it when the audience just surrendered and went along for the ride. They took a great deal of pleasure in being a part of some very special days and nights. And most importantly, they never took anything too seriously – they meant what they said, and they wanted it to be as good as it could be, but it was always just about wanting people to hear their music.

In the end, that’s probably what has finished them – the fact that despite making an album chock full of pop-punk gems, despite putting on shows that were not merely amusing but often bordered on dangerously unhinged, those who didn’t know them already never really got the chance to hear their music much beyond those live shows. So, there’s going to be one last chance to say goodbye, and see the band in full chaos mode, at The Zoo in Brisbane on Friday 4th March. Along for the ride will also be Velociraptor and The Baby Seal Club.

In other news, the new Grand Atlantic album is being mixed in NZ at the moment, and has finally got a title – Constellations. The first song, Poison To The Vine, can be found here http://poisontothevine.viinyl.com/ and the album is astonishingly great. the band play a final brisbane show this Friday 4th March before heading off to the US for another tour. Dates are on the website or their Facebook page.They are in fine form and should not be missed…