November 08, 2005

Nov 8, 2005

What’s going on? Part one…yes, we’re back from the In The City music conference/drinking competition. Score – not sure, lost track about 3 in the morning. Part two – back from the UK with a number of interesting new ideas and some good things planned for the next few months.

We managed to see a number of great bands over the three days of the In The City – along with some not-so-great ones, of course – but the pinnacle was The High Dials from Canada who put on a truly mind-blowing live show. Whereever you are in the world, try to get to see them. Truly inspiring. Anyway, some business was done, and it means that My Scarlet Darling get to stay on till February ’06 in the UK, and that their new album will be released there in January. Further down the track we have them returning to Australia in February, touring to support the (March ’06) release of the album in Oz, then returning to the UK and Europe mid-2006, in time for summer. Along for the ride should be Grand Atlantic, who also release their album in February 2006 (though no confirmed UK date yet). And we are currently in discussion with two other acts whose albums we’d love to release in the UK…fingers crossed that something can be worked out.

Don’t forget to get along to see the boys from My Scarlet Darling, who are still touring the UK pretty much non-stop – buy them a beer. The shows have been absolutely brilliant…

OK, more news once we have something to tell you!