WE ALL WANT TO are that most curious of things, a genuine indie super-group without ego or pretence – making sublimely intelligent music for the sheer joy of it, and putting their own spin on classically-melodic power-pop. Their self-titled 2010 debut album announced them as a singularly compelling act, capable of making the kind of albums that you love more and more as time goes by, full of beguiling radio rock anthems with more hooks than a bait-and-tackle shop.

“…They have their hearts set on making shimmering indie rock which is big on dynamics and uplifting melody.. one of the year’s most promising debuts Rolling Stone, November 2010

“..They perfect the boy-vs-girl vocal harmony in melodramatic power pop, with subtle narrative lyrics and a sound that could have come out of any foreign port.. powerful stuff and quite masterful in originality. The Dwarf, November 2010

Boasting members from some of Brisbane’s best-loved bands, WE ALL WANT TO are essential on record and completely undeniable live. Their shows are a primal collision of poppy punk, sweet folk, gritty blues and grandiose soundscapes, swirled into singalong anthems and intimate whispers, at once powerful and fragile.

In the vein of Richard & Linda Thompson, or perhaps The New Pornographers, the voices of Tim Steward and Skye Staniford soar and then mesh perfectly, underpinned by a sympathetic rhythm section and embellished with multi-instrumental melodic detail.

WE ALL WANT TO surprised the world with the 2012 album COME UP INVISIBLE, which was a revelation; songs that were intricately arranged, acutely observed, slyly humourous and unforgettably engaging. Simple enough on the outside but deceptively complex under the surface, those tracks bore startling evidence of the supreme songcraft that sets them apart from just about anyone else. That album made the AMP long list for 2012, and saw them playing to sold-out hometown crowds.

“Earthy, emotional and sometimes heartbreakingly beautiful music that will restore your faith in the power of the long-playing record.” Noel Mengel, The Courier Mail, July 2012

2015’s THE HAZE was a sharp change of direction for the band, embracing fuzzy guitars, dreamy lyrics and a generally-melancholic tone that looked back in wonder. Childhood, friendships, memories and change made for a more direct and thoughtful record which rocked harder than before, reflecting the addition of Arron Bool and Scott Mercer on guitar and bass. Once again, the response was immediate and enthusiastic, and the band’s tour shows became a joyous explosion of muscular, melodic anthems.

“… Most of us have to grow up and move on — even the party boys and girls, a theme that’s explored further in the sublime Wish You Didn’t Go Straight, where Steward delivers one of his most heartfelt lyrics in a career that’s already littered with gems: “I heard you sold your skateboard, and I heard you got some new friends … I wish you didn’t get frightened and have to choose..” With the music matching the force of the emotions, the result is a power-pop classic.” Noel Mengel, The Courier Mail, May 2015

And finally, the fourth album is on it’s way. Recorded and mixed over a year in various studios and houses, the new record has a title – On The Dots – and a new single due for release in October 2018, with the album to follow in February. It’s another stylistic swerve, and promises to expand the band’s fanbase even further.