Screamfeeder singles collection ‘Patterns Form’

Apr 20, 2018

“Thunder that was shot through with the sweet peals of joy. Of relief …these three humans respond to that enigmatic little mess within the lot of us – the one that boils, bubbles and sparks. Never still. Never broken. Trust these people.”  Tim Rogers

It’s hard to imagine, but Screamfeeder, the legendary noisy pop/indie rock band from Brisbane, have been making great records for 25 years now. Screamfeeder’s debut album Flour came out way back in 1992, and they followed that with five more scorching albums including the undeniable classic Kitten Licks in 1996 and the smash success of Take You Apart in 2004. From there, they slowed down a bit, but continued to play incendiary shows with intensity and passion, including a series of national tours in support of the vinyl re-release of the first five albums in 2015/16. Critics raved. Audiences stood open-mouthed, as always.

And in 2017, they released one of the best guitar-pop albums of the year in Pop Guilt. Nobody saw it coming..

25 years into their career, Screamfeeder are still killing it.. (they) pour a lifetime of indie-rock experience into this collection of blissed-out punk songs.” Rolling Stone

 “Those earlier albums have stood up well and Pop Guilt keeps them excellent company… there’s no guilt here, only pleasure.” The Age/SMH

 “while the record is gloriously retro, it also manages to sound fresh and vital, with undeniable energy and depth. Nothing to feel guilty about here. This is an album filled with diverse delights.” Stack Magazine

“The songs on Pop Guilt brim with shimmering, sun-soaked guitars, unapologetically catchy riffs and an unmistakable warmth.” Hot Freaks

And so to 2018, and the announcement that Screamfeeder will, for the first time, collect all their singles – and shoulda-beens – together on one monumental release, simply titled Patterns Form.

From the outset, you could hear the way the band that combined loud with beautiful, intense with joyous, chaotic with precise and pulled it all together in a way that very few acts ever manage. What’s apparent, listening to these songs in chronological sequence, is how the pop sensibility gradually unfurled itself and moved into the foreground, propelling Screamfeeder’s songs onto radios around Australia and the globe.

“..they’re our standard bearers, a rock-hewn bridge between disparate eras that’s been trodden by generations of ensuing bands who’ve looked up to Screamfeeder for guidance.. let us never take this wonderful band for granted”  Steve Bell

For the first time since they were recorded the band has had access to the mixes from the original source tapes. The songs have been re-mastered with a renewed focus on depth and dynamics. They sound amazing. Grab the double-LP version if you can, the packaging is excellent.

Patterns Form was released to independent retailers on April 20, 2018 for Record Store Day. Available on 2LP, CD and digital and to general retailers a week later. Need a copy? Hit the band’s website or your local indie retailer.