‘The Haze’ Tour Part Two

Aug 29, 2015

Due to the quirks of geography, WE ALL WANT TO have been quiet lately – Tim’s been in the UK, Skye lives at a beach somewhere, Dan’s been off with The Valery Trails – but that’s all about to be history.

The latest single from ‘The Haze’ is ‘Wish You Didn’t Go Straight’, one of the album’s highlights. The Courier Mail described it beautifully: “…Most of us have to grow up and move on — even the party boys and girls, a theme that’s explored further in the sublime Wish You Didn’t Go Straight, where Steward delivers one of his most heartfelt lyrics in a career that’s already littered with gems: “I heard you sold your skateboard, and I heard you got some new friends … I wish you didn’t get frightened and have to choose.” With the music matching the force of the emotions, the result is a power-pop classic.” We’d agree with that.

The good news is that there are some dates coming up as well as some massive events (which we can’t divulge yet, but keep Nov 14 and Dec 13 free!). In the meantime, it’s hometown shows for the next couple of months. Here goes:

Thursday 10th September – The End, West End, Brisbane. An intimate show, and an early night.

Friday 11th September – Black Bear Lodge, headlining The AU Review’s 7th birthday party and end-of-Bigsound shindig. Along for the ride are Halcyon Drive, The Lulu Raes and Wasted Wanderers. Get your tickets early, this will be a big night.

Saturday 3rd October – Red Deer Music & Arts Festival, at Mt. Samson. This is a brilliant festival and tickets are still available but selling quickly – it’s a nice smaller size event. And great value!

Friday 23rd October – Sonny’s House of Blues, Brisbane. The band’s first appearance at this awesome inner-city bar, it should be a riot – and it’ll be the full rock show.

Saturday 24th October – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast. The first Gold Coast show in, well, several years at least. It’s a great new venue with excellent food – yes GC fans, we’re actually coming to your turf this time.

Some more announcements coming in September and October. Stay tuned. See you at these shows.

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